Welcome to AuburnLife!

AuburnHub is run by volunteers from Auburn Life church. Besides organizing social programs, cultural, academic, and entertainment activities, we also provide emotional and spiritual support and growth. Serving the community is our mission in Jesus.

If we can do something well, Auburn wants to be a vibrant, multicultural community focused on hospitality. Ultimately, our mission isn’t ours alone but God’s mission to remake the world according to His dream; the Bible calls this “the kingdom of God”. Our role as a church is to work with God in this and to try to bring heaven to Hawthorn and our other neighborhoods and networks.

If you not only want to take part in our cultural, academic, and entertainment activities but also want to get to know Jesus, join us.

“In His name, we aim to be beacons of hope and love, inviting everyone to experience the transformative power of Christ’s presence in their lives.”

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