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Being part of this community has changed my life in Australia. Here, I've found friends, mentors, and support for navigating the Australian adventure. Since I arrived, I've been able to practice my language skills without fear of making mistakes, thanks to friendly people who never judged me but, with love, helped and motivated me to speak freely. They teach and correct me. Social events have given me the chance to connect with people from many countries, make friends, and enjoy delicious food in the midst of multicultural diversity. Here, we all share delights from our countries, allowing me to learn about many cultures. Not to mention, joining this community allowed me to move from basic jobs to a professional position where I can develop my career and learn more than I imagined. Robyn and Edwin have been angels on this journey, and the rest of the group are smiles that brighten my days in this place. To everyone, thank you.
My wife and I come here every Sunday. The church’s atmosphere is nice, inspirational and devout. Many good and kind people pray here. I recommend joining us with all your family.

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