We are appreciated and gratitude to AuburnHub staff for granting us this wonderful opportunity to learn English language and discover the Aussie culture.
Thanks for your warm hospitality last night to have my mum and I to be part of your community, and we will see you on Friday then.
l feel so happy to come to AuburnHub and attend any event. Also I have known many nice people and gain valuable information which help me in my life by sitting and meeting with different culture.
I can't thank you enough for your efforts to help people who are from different cultures.  Frankly, I will strive to transfer this experience for my country in order to spread the humanity issue.
It's so lucky for me to have the opportunity to come here to know so many new friends.  I like all the friends.
I really like this country, like my place.  I cannot help myself to be joy.  This is the first time I feel safe, joy and happiness.  Because of your guys.  I am moved/touched by all your guys.
Auburnhub has helped me so much.  As a housewife I stay at home every day trying to study English by myself.  The hub offers me the opportunity to communicate with local people who are also learning English and I have gained lots of knowledge about Australia.  Thanks!  I really appreciate it.
Thank you for making AuburnHub community a warm place for new migrants like me.  I really enjoy spending time with all my friends here.  I feel really happy that I can contribute to the community.