English classes

Explore our English Classes at Auburn – a dedicated space for migrants and international students to seamlessly integrate into their new life in Australia. Join our free English classes every Thursday from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm at TD building , where we focus on honing language skills. But that’s not all – our social events are the perfect informal setting to practice and converse in English with people from around the world. Attend our monthly Social Fridays or special events to connect with the AuburnHub family. For a unique experience, join Auburn Life, our Christian church, every Sunday. We gather at 4:00 pm for a Bible study and at 5:00 pm for a sermon led by our pastor, Robyn Song. Sundays at Auburn are not just about spiritual growth but also provide a space to socialize and connect. Join us for a warm and inclusive environment!

Join our classes today! Reach out to us and start your language adventure. Message us to get started!

Keep an eye on our website and social media channels! We’ll soon be sharing digital content and valuable resources filled with tips and tricks for mastering English. Follow us and get involved in the discussions on our social networks!


Around here, we help each other out by sharing our talents or knowledge with the community. What’s your talent? Want to be a volunteer? Write to us!

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